How Could God Allow This?

As you most likely know, my son AJ was diagnosed with autism. Unlike other disabilities, you can’t tell just by looking at him. Most of the time he is just like any other little boy. But there are times when he gets really excited about something that he will be very loud and jump and flap. Most of the time people are gracious, they’ll just smirk and go on their way. Some people will give confused looks or dirty looks. Some Sigh in our direction. And sometimes we get questions “why is he like that?” “did you get him vaccinated as a baby, I’ve heard that causes autism”, “oh he’ll grow out of it”

I don’t usually answer, I don’t really know how. But they remind me of a question that Jesus’ disciples asked Him.

“His disciples asked Him, “Rabbi (Teacher), who sinned, this man or his parents, that he would be born blind?” – John 9:2

Why Jesus? Why is there suffering? What is the cause of all this? Why do we see it everywhere we go? Why?

We know from reading these verses that they couldn’t have been very far from this man while they were questioning Jesus. The blind man probably had the very same question. If he’d have known who it was that was walking by him, would he have asked: “Why God, Why me?”

Jesus doesn’t answer His disciples with the cause of the disability, He answers with the purpose of the disability.

“Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but it was so that the works of God might be displayed and illustrated in him.” – John 9:3

It’s no one’s fault. His parents didn’t cause this and neither did he. I think we all as special needs parents struggle at one point or another with this. What we did or didn’t do to cause this. Is it our fault. Are we being punished by God?

Let me be the one to assure you that it is not your fault. God is not punishing you. He loves you and has a purpose for this journey that you’re on.

This man was born blind so that his life would display the power and Glory of God.

So now if anyone questions or gives strange looks, I have an answer “ His life is a testimony of the Power of God. He glorifies God. In his autism, in his flapping, in his struggles, in his triumphs.”

I’m learning more and more every day that it’s not about AJ, it’s not even about me. It’s about how everything in creation can bring God glory. So next time you find yourself wondering why would God allow this? So my son’s life can be a testimony of the Glory of God and help other families to know and see how Great is our God!

Credit: Picture Designed with Freepik

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