Desperate For God

Desperate… This is a word I would have used to describe myself when my son was diagnosed with Autism.  Desperate for answers, Desperate for relief from the stress, desperate for peace, desperate for normalcy, …just desperate for things to be different.  Have you been there friend?

Well my Pastor just preached a message on being desperate but in an entirely different way.  Being desperate for God to move in our lives.  When is the last time you went after Jesus desperately?  I don’t mean just going to church on Sunday and saying a prayer before you go to sleep.  I mean DESPERATE.

The Dictionary defines desperate as (a:) moved by despair or utter loss of hope (b:) involving or employing extreme measures in an attempt to escape defeat or frustration

When Doctors tell you there is no cure, when the debt feels like a mountain, when family and friends have betrayed you, when all hope seems lost.  That is the time we need to get desperate for God.  Employing extreme measures in an attempt to escape defeat or frustration.  When I think of that definition in relation to God it reminds me of some people in the Bible who went after God desperately .

Desperate People Do Desperate Things.

The women with the issue of blood should not have been out in public, because of the time period and the issue she had she was not permitted to be in public, but she heard about Jesus.  She was desperate for healing and said If I could just touch the hem of his clothes, I know I will be made whole.  She pushed through a crowd of people, knowing that if she was seen she could be stoned, it didn’t matter.  Her Healing was too important. She was desperate for God.  (Luke 8:43–48)

Peter was in a boat in the middle of a storm with wind and waves pounding at the boat. When he saw Jesus walking on the water in full peace, he was desperate for that same peace.   He makes a desperate cry saying Lord if that is you bid me to come.  He was so desperate for Jesus that he got out of a boat in the middle of a storm!  None of the other people on the boat walked on water that day. He was desperate for God. (Matthew 14:22-33)

The 3 friends of the man who was crippled, knew Jesus was at this house but it was too crowded for them to even get close.  They somehow managed to climb this stranger’s house with their friend on a bed and rip the roof off and lowered him down in front of Jesus.  They could have faced serious charges for this, maybe even jail time, but they were desperate for God. (Luke 5:17-26)

Are you Desperate for God?

There are so many others who also did desperate things because they were desperate for God.  I want to be among one of those! I have been down the road of hopelessness, despair, defeat, and frustration,  I want to go to extreme measures to get close to God.  I’m done living in defeat, I’m chasing after God with everything I have, I won’t quit no matter what storm or challenge I face in this life.  God has more for you too.  He is the God who does the impossible.  Don’t lose your faith!  Don’t settle for good enough! With God nothing is impossible….Are you desperate for Him today?




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