Autism Awareness is Selfish

There is a lot of talk about awareness right now.  April is, after all, Autism Awareness month.  I think for the most part people are as aware as they can be without being personally affected.  Of course there are always going to be those who are just mean and ignorant, but I think that is... Continue Reading →

Conquering Addiction – Part 1

Hey guys! This is the first post in my new series, Conquering Addiction: God’s Plan for True Recovery. Addiction is an epidemic. It is sweeping across this nation, taking many lives, and ruining the many others surrounding it. I am writing this so that you can see that my husband and I have been there,... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons to Watch How We Are Speaking to Our Kids

It is so important to watch what we say and how we speak to our children. Don't get me wrong, we ALL have our bad days, but we can choose to speak life or death, positivity or negativity. Choose life! Our kids and their walk with Christ depends on it. Here are 4 reasons why it’s... Continue Reading →

6 ways to beat thoughts of defeat and depression

No matter how strong your faith is or how well your child is doing, there are always going to be days that are hard. Days when you can't stop thinking of all that's wrong. The devil won't stop trying to feed you thoughts of doubt and depression. We can't afford to let him harass us!... Continue Reading →

Desperate For God

Desperate… This is a word I would have used to describe myself when my son was diagnosed with Autism.  Desperate for answers, Desperate for relief from the stress, desperate for peace, desperate for normalcy, …just desperate for things to be different.  Have you been there friend? Well my Pastor just preached a message on being... Continue Reading →

How to Keep Hope Alive, When Progress is Slow or Non-existent?

I've been trying to get son's attention for the last 15 min. He acts as if he can't even hear me. He's so consumed in his own world, oblivious to everything and everyone around him. At times like this it's hard not to lose hope. I feel like I'm back to the start and I... Continue Reading →

You Are Exactly the Mom Your Kids Need

I was feeling kinda queasy all week and just had a strange feeling. Our daughter was only 6 months old and her birth was difficult. I delivered her unexpectedly, 4 weeks early with preeclampsia. There were some other complications but at the end of it all God brought us through. I was a Mom! My... Continue Reading →

There Are No If’s

  There Are No If’s If he could just talk…If loud sounds didn’t bother him…If we could go somewhere without him running off… If we cut out dairy and gluten…If he could play with other kids…If God could do something, anything…If it was just a little easier… If …If…If… It’s so easy to get stuck... Continue Reading →

The First Thing You Need to do After your Child Receives an Autism Diagnosis

Like most of my posts, this one stems from what I  wish someone had told me.  When my son was diagnosed with autism we had already known for almost a year.  That's how long the waiting list was to get an appointment.  So in that time I had done the google searches, read all about... Continue Reading →

What is the Goal?

  What is your goal for your child with autism? This is a question that I thought of when I really began to get advice from people.  There were so many sources all saying different things.  Some said definitely do this therapy while others said no kids with autism can't do that.  I felt like... Continue Reading →

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